A New Start

Hello, world!

My family and I started our homesteading adventure in April 2012. We moved to the Mojave Desert to be close to my side of the family, for work opportunities, and to go to college.

It didn’t take long for our homesteading dreams to start becoming a reality! Animals and a garden were originally in the “someday” plan. Over the past year, we’ve made leaps and bounds towards our goal of a real homestead.

February 2013: Planted my very first garden! The garden is a 4×4′ raised bed, planted according to the Square Foot Method. The bed contains butter crunch and romaine lettuce,  several varieties of tomatoes, bush beans, sugar snap peas, and lots of spinach.


April 2013: Realized that keeping animals is more feasible than I thought, even on a college student’s budget! Also planted 8 fruit trees in my front yard, 2 each of: peach, apricot, nectarine, and plum. Next year we want to add apples and possibly some grape vines.

May 1, 2013: Brought home a breeding pair of New Zealand White Rabbits. We found them for free on Craigslist! They are about 1 year old. We named them Chronos and Gaia (from the Greek pantheon), as they will be the parents of future generations.


May 6, 2013:  Our mail-ordered chicks arrived. We ordered 24 Barred Plymouth Rock pullets. The hatchery has a 90% accuracy rate when sexing these birds, so we’re hoping there’s a cockerel or two mixed in there. We’ll know for sure in the next few weeks.


In just one short year, we’ve made leaps and bounds towards a goal we thought was still far away!


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