How to Save Money on Textbooks

I’m a student. I’m hoping to have my AA degree by the end of this year. Buying expensive textbooks is an annoying, but necessary, part of being a college student.

2012-06-06_09-31-15_219My college offers a “bookstore credit” as a way to entice students to buy their books from the school bookstore.  It’s fast, convenient, and.. horribly overpriced.

I  just ordered my books for the upcoming semester. From my school’s bookstore, my books would have cost $207. However, on, I got the same books for $130!

It was pure coincidence that ebay had the best prices for all of my books. The best places to look for cheap textbooks are:



The single most important thing to remember is to shop around! I check ALL of these sites before making my purchases.

On average, this saves me between $100 and $200 per semester. I’m only saving $70 this semester because I am taking two classes rather than 4 or 5.


One thought on “How to Save Money on Textbooks

  1. This past year I saved a ton of money by borrowing the book from a friend the first week and then taking it to our on campus printing services and having them print the entire book ( or which ever chapters I needed) and and bind it for me with a front and back cover. I got a book that normally costs $140 for seven dollars.

    It’s a good option if you’re trying to save, or if you know you won’t be using the entire book.


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