Cloth Diapering, Part 3: The Current System

This is the third and final part in a series about cloth diapering. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

My homemade diapering system was working well, but I was due with another baby any day and my current method was pretty labor-intensive. I had made only 4 covers with my yard of PUL fabric, so they needed to be washed quite often. They began wearing out after 6 months of constant use. I was also intimidated by the idea of using sharp pins on a wiggly newborn.

Fortunately, when my mother-in-law came for the birth of #4, she brought me a present: her old diaper stash from her diapering days! The stash consists of a dozen Infant diapers:


2 1/2 dozen “medium” diapers


And about a dozen toddler diapers.


I had never used a fitted diaper before this and I completely fell in love with them! Unfortunately, they are not produced anymore. The closest product I’ve been able to find is the Workhorse Organic Fitted diaper made by Green Mountain Diapers:

Fitted diapers have definitely made my life a lot easier. The elastic around the legs keeps messes in, resulting in less laundry for me!

I have VERY heavy wetters, so I usually add a soaker (which is a folded up flat diaper or microfiber towel) between the diaper and the cover, like this:


At night, I use 2 soaker inserts. Because a soaking wet baby in the middle of the night is no fun.

Notice the different cover in the last picture? Around this time, I also ordered 8 one-size waterproof covers from Kawaii Baby. 

They were only about $6 each after shipping, which is a real bargain compared to the mainstream brands.


And, of course, I still use my beloved cloth wipes.


cloth wipes hanging on the clothes line.
cloth wipes hanging on the clothes line.

They’re holding up marvelously, 1 year later. The fitted diapers make changes almost as fast as a disposable!

I have enough diapers that I can wash every other day..

two days' worth of diapers ready to hang on the line
two days’ worth of diapers ready to hang on the line

some diapers and covers hanging to dry

And now with two kids in diapers, I’m saving at least $100-$150 per month. I also never run out of diapers and have to drive an hour to buy some. I’d call it a win!


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