Cloth Diapering: How to Fix a Leaky Cover

I only rotate 8 covers between my two kids in diapers, so they get washed an ungodly number of times fairly often. I usually wash every other day, but there have been times that I’ve had to wash every day.  I would guess that each cover has probably been washed at least 100 times.

If these were expensive covers, I’d probably be more upset about the leaking. But since I only paid $6 each after shipping, I knew I was getting a somewhat cheaper product.

Lately, we’ve had MAJOR leaking issues. Especially with four-month-old Kid #4. And I’m not just talking about moisture on the leg elastic.. I’m talking about WET on the front and the back less than an hour after changing. Instead of buying or making more covers, I decided to take things into my own hands with a can of waterproofing spray.

waterproofing spray, cardboard, and a diaper cover
waterproofing spray, cardboard, and a diaper cover

The first thing to do is to find some good waterproofing spray. I picked this particular brand because it’s silicone-based and meant for clothing.

waterproofing spray
waterproofing spray

Prepare your work area. I used a sheet of cardboard to protect my counters. Also, prepare your diaper cover using duct tape. I covered all the hook and loop tape with duct tape, and added another strip on the top edge to help stretch the cover out.

2013-06-07_13-16-24_616Shake your can of waterproofing spray, then apply an even and thin coat over the entire surface, focusing on leaky areas and elastic.


Let it dry for about three hours. Mine was dry faster because I stuck it outside in 105 degree weather…

After drying, feel free to test the cover’s new-found water resistance.

2013-06-07_14-41-55_616 2013-06-07_14-41-28_414

You can see that the water is beading on the cover instead of going through it. This means that the waterproofing worked! If the cover still doesn’t have enough water resistance, you may want to add a second layer of the waterproofing spray.

A cheap can of boot sealant gave my covers a second life. This was definitely a frugal and worthwhile project!


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering: How to Fix a Leaky Cover

  1. We use covers very similar to these for my daughter’s cloth diapers and they are somewhat leaky too. I might have to try this out! We also use BumGenius at night. Do you have any tips for keeping those leak free? 🙂

    1. I use the same diapers and covers for daytime and nighttime. My best nighttime solution has been to fold 2 microfiber towels and place them inside the cover. I’ve never used BGs, but I do think this would work for them too. Hope this helps!

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