Repurposing Containers

One of my major goals is reducing my dependency on commercial products. This means making things myself when I can, reducing packaging waste when I can, and reusing items as much as possible. Many different containers are useful and can be re-purposed. I save containers from lunch meat, sauce jars, and the containers from coffee creamer. Oatmeal canisters can also be useful:

An oatmeal canister is the perfect size for an 11-cup batch of muffin mix!

You can also use a small container to store bulk ingredients in more manageable amounts – I refill a small bottle of oil from a gallon jug.

I use cat litter buckets for EVERYTHING. They’re 5-gallon buckets and can be used in the garden, as a mop bucket, as improvised chicken nest boxes, to hold homemade laundry detergent, and many other uses I can’t remember at the moment. Large, sturdy containers are wonderful!


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