Frugal Summer Fun: Cloud Dough

It’s already too hot for the kids to be outside during the majority of the day. We’ve hit 113 degrees a few times in the past few weeks. If we want to go outside, we have to do it in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler. During the day, we play inside, watch movies, draw, and read.

Today, I have been working on a major paper for one of my summer classes, so I needed something the kids would be able to do with minimal supervision.

So, we made cloud dough! After making one batch, the kids seemed to need more, so I made a second batch. I guess it all depends on the size of the container you put it in.

Start with a bowl and 8 cups of flour. I’d suggest white flour over wheat flour because whole wheat flour goes rancid faster.

Add a cup of oil. I also added a citrus blend of essential oil to make it smell nice.

Stir and stir and stir until the lumps become small:

Done! This stuff provides an amazing sensory experience. It’s soft and powdery, yet moldable at the same time.

Silicone cupcake molds, measuring cups, and spoons are all fun with this.

I’d definitely recommend giving this a try! It’s very fun and very cheap – the dough is shelf stable until the oil starts to smell bad. I’ve heard that it will stay fresh in a sealed bag for up to 6 months!


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