Keeping Multiple Diaper Covers Straight

When using diapers with covers, it’s a good idea to switch between a few covers. This keeps the used, but clean cover a chance to air out before being used again.

With two kids in diapers, I have TWO covers airing out at all times. Both covers are one-size, and both are set to the same size because kid #3 and kid #4 are within 3 lbs of each other’s weights. Yep, the 5 month old is 17 pounds and the 2 year old is 20 pounds.

I don’t want to mix up the used covers, because that’s pretty gross. The covers are shared, but only after being washed!

To distinguish #3’s cover from #4’s, I put their initials on clothes pins, like this:


These get clipped onto the cover while it airs out, then I can just grab it when I’m ready at the next diaper change!

Viola, no more mixed up covers!


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