Extreme Weather in the Mojave and Delicious Salmon

Yesterday, it was 117 degrees outside. Today it will be that hot again. And tomorrow. And the next day. It’s also a little bit more humid than usual, which means that our lovely swamp coolers aren’t working.

I’ve started putting big blocks of ice in the chickens’ water to keep them cool. I lost one to the heat 2 days ago. The poor little things really don’t appreciate this sudden hot weather! The last few weeks have been in the 90s and low 100s.

I also gave the chickens a beach umbrella to give them a larger shady area.

No pictures today because my improv chicken run isn’t very pretty. We’re still in the process of building a larger coop and run.

Here’s a quick kitchen tip, though: delicious and easy baked salmon. Usually salmon turns out horribly dry and tasteless, but not when it’s cooked like this!

1. Slice a lemon and an orange into thin,  round slices.

2. Place salmon pieces on baking sheet

3. Layer lemon and orange slices under and on top of the salmon, like this:

Bake as directed on the fish package. You might have to add a few minutes of cooking time – the citrus makes the fish cook a bit more slowly. This fish turns out lovely and moist, with great citrus flavor! It’s super easy, too.


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