Uses for kitty litter buckets

We have no cats – I’ve sworn them off after a few bad experiences. I’m open to the possibility of a barn cat in the future, but no more indoor cats, thankyouverymuch.
My parents have cats, though, and they save empty litter buckets for me since they’re so darn useful! I use them to store feed ingredients and homemade laundry soap, as small trash cans, and now as a chicken waterer! I bought some poultry nipples on ebay, had The Mister drill some holes, and screwed the nipples in. The waterer is upside down here — the red nipples are the bottom and the chickens drink from those. 


There’s been a fairly large fire in my region of the desert this past week, which is a big part of why I haven’t been posting. We haven’t been evacuated, but it’s a possibility. A news article I read says that the fire now covers 6000-8000 acres and still isn’t contained at all. I can see the flames from my back door, especially at night. I’m not gonna lie – I’m worried. Today has been extremely windy.. the fire is still almost 40 miles away, but it’s just a stretch of flat, dry desert with extremely flammable brush. Thoughts/prayers are very much appreciated.

In other news, we brought home some ducklings a few days ago. There are six 5-day-olds and two 8-week-olds. They are mallards and are just beautiful. More pictures to come when I’m not posting from my phone!


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