The summer garden


Now that the temperatures around here hang out around 110 degrees, the makeup of the garden has changed. In the early spring, my single raised bed was stocked with lettuce, spinach, beans, and peas. None of those are there now.

Now, there are tomato vines, sunflowers, a sweet potato vine, and spearmint. In the late summer I’ll start some pumpkins inside and move them out when it gets cooler. I tried planting pumpkins earlier this year, but that didn’t work out so well. The heat shriveled them right up!

We had a minor tragedy yesterday – our two adolescent ducks escaped their fenced run during the night and were killed by predators (probably coyotes). The real tragedy here is that they were only two weeks away from the dinner table. Those darn coyotes stole my dinner! I still have six 3-week-old ducklings in the house. I’ll have to find the problem in the run before they can go out!

I’m a little slow updating right now because there’s just SO much going on around here. I’m finishing summer classes and preparing for my last semester of school. I’m also considering substitute teaching at our little school out here. Kid #1 will start kindergarten this year – I’ll be homeschooling him. Life never slows down..
Today is The Mister’s birthday, so I’m off to celebrate with him and make his favorite cookies!


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