Completed Chicken Run Reveal

It has certainly been an eventful few days! A major storm hit only minutes after I finished my post on Friday night. It’s “monsoon season” here in the Mojave, which means we’ll have particularly violent storms on occassion throughout the summer.

The storm on Friday night panicked my poor chickens. They all huddled into one corner of their coop, smothering the three at the bottom of the pile. There was another equally violent storm on Saturday night. We happened to be in the city visiting my parents and celebrating The Mister’s birthday. The storm hit while we were there. After 10 minutes of rain, the flooding was past the curb in many places, including the road we needed to take to get home! We tried to go home, but only made it a few miles before a nail punctured our tire. The spare also had a hole in it, so we were stuck overnight! We filled the punctured tire and limped back to my parents’ house, then got the tire repaired Sunday morning.

Rain continued to fall for much of Sunday, but during the dry times I worked on my chicken coop and run. The run itself is constructed with heavy wire pig panels. It will certainly keep large predators out, but it won’t keep the chickens in! Over the last week I lined the run with deer netting to keep sparrows and crows out, then with heavy poultry wire to keep the chickens in. I mounted a gate to serve as a temporary door, but The Mister is going to build me a better door that will fit the opening properly.

2013-07-21_17-42-44_476The chickens were VERY happy to go out to their new space! It’s about six times larger than the outdoor brooder they’d been living in. They’re running around, stretching their wings, and chasing down ants. Their entire run has a plywood roof, which keeps the entire area about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the yard! Right now they’re using a 4 gallon galvanized waterer, but soon I’ll mount the 5 gallon nipple waterer made from a kitty litter bucket. 

Moving the chickens out of the brooder also meant that the ducklings could move into that brooder! The six ducklings have been living in the house (in a brooder, of course) for the past three weeks and they smell awful. Poultry and waterfowl have a unique talent for stinking up an entire house.

Now all of my birds are safe, have more space, and are out of my dining room!



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