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Update on the Carpenter One Fire

I’ve been totally absent for a while, but it’s not actually related to the fire which has now burned 43 square miles of the desert. I’ve been completely without Internet access until yesterday.

The fire is still raging, only 40 miles from my home. This is Day 12 and the fire is now 45% contained.

It’s looking like we’ll be fine at this point. The fire is moving away from us, leaving the previously burnt area as a firebreak between us and the active blaze.

It’s not time for a sigh of relief yet, but at least I don’t have to hold my breath any longer.


Extreme Weather in the Mojave and Delicious Salmon

Yesterday, it was 117 degrees outside. Today it will be that hot again. And tomorrow. And the next day. It’s also a little bit more humid than usual, which means that our lovely swamp coolers aren’t working.

I’ve started putting big blocks of ice in the chickens’ water to keep them cool. I lost one to the heat 2 days ago. The poor little things really don’t appreciate this sudden hot weather! The last few weeks have been in the 90s and low 100s.

I also gave the chickens a beach umbrella to give them a larger shady area.

No pictures today because my improv chicken run isn’t very pretty. We’re still in the process of building a larger coop and run.

Here’s a quick kitchen tip, though: delicious and easy baked salmon. Usually salmon turns out horribly dry and tasteless, but not when it’s cooked like this!

1. Slice a lemon and an orange into thin,  round slices.

2. Place salmon pieces on baking sheet

3. Layer lemon and orange slices under and on top of the salmon, like this:

Bake as directed on the fish package. You might have to add a few minutes of cooking time – the citrus makes the fish cook a bit more slowly. This fish turns out lovely and moist, with great citrus flavor! It’s super easy, too.