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Saving money by Sewing

Sewing is a wonderful and fulfilling hobby. There are few things that make me happier than seeing a happy little girl twirling in a dress I made for her.

Dress and hat made with love by mama.
Dress and hat made with love by mama.

Sometimes sewing is an extremely expensive hobby. The materials for the front of a quilt (not including the middle layers and the backing) can easily cost $50 or more. Making clothes from new fabric is often extremely expensive.

Refashioning thrift store finds is a great way to put a sewing machine to good use. I have picked up so many cute girls’ dresses for $1, then repaired or altered them to make them wearable.

Sewing is extremely frugal when you consider the cost of dress clothes, though! Here’s a nursing dress that I made for my brother-in-law’s wedding two years ago.

excuse the silly face, we were anxious and in a hurry!

Nursing dresses are usually extremely expensive and somewhat hard to find. They’re usually between $100 and $200. The materials and pattern for this dress only cost me about $50!

You can also save a lot of money by sewing if you’re looking for a specific style or design. This dress, made by Shabby Apple, retails for $102.

Alternately, this Vogue pattern can be found on sale for $3.50.

Quite similar, no? Using a coupon or buying fabrics while they are on sale could make this a very cheap dress to create. It could be even cheaper if you find something at a thrift store to refashion.

While I wouldn’t advise sewing your own everyday clothes, I definitely think it’s worth considering when it comes to formalwear.

Food for thought! Now I’m pulling out my sewing machine to repair a few cloth diapers. That’s where money is really saved — extending the lives of existing pieces of clothing.