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Litter Bucket Nest Boxes

My pullets are now about 16 weeks old. Time to install some nest boxes!

(Full Disclosure: The Mister did most of the cutting and assembly for me! I don’t have much skill with power tools.)

First, I found 4 empty litter buckets like this:

credit: http://www.petflow.com

I took the lids off and had The Mister cut access holes. Then I screwed the 4 buckets into a 4×4.

IMG_20130920_122532A frame of 2x4s, a hinged plywood roof, and viola! Nest boxes! All the materials were on-hand, so this project didn’t cost a dime!


After this picture was taken, I used the smaller pieces of the hinged lids to make a lip on the front, to keep the hens from kicking their nesting material out. I also put hay in the buckets, but the chickens ate it all pretty quickly… silly birds.

Now I can collect eggs without walking through the poop in the run!

How do YOU use repurposed materials around your property?