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Kitchen Hacks: Quick-thaw ground beef!

I love buying my food in bulk. It saves me effort, time, and money. My mother-in-law has 9 kids and knows a thing or two about bulk food purchases. She taught me this nifty trick for bulk ground beef!

Last weekend, I found a pretty good deal on ground beef:

4 pounds for $9? I’ll take it! I obviously can’t use that much at once, so I divvied it up into 1-pound portions and froze it. Here’s a quick overview on how to freeze ground beef in an accessible, easy-to-thaw manner!

Label a gallon-sized bag for each pound of beef.

Stick a lump of meat into each bag, squeeze all the air out, and seal it.

Next, leaving the bag sealed, use the heel of your hand to flatten the beef.

Keep working it until you have a uniformly thin layer that goes all the way to the edges of the bag.

1 pound makes for a very thin layer.

Once all your lumps of meat are flattened, stack ’em up and freeze.

The super-thin layers  freeze and thaw VERY quickly. You can even toss the frozen sheet of meat directly into your pan when you’re ready to cook!

Ta-daa, enjoy your pre-portioned beef!