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Frugal Jackpot

Yesterday was a day filled with errands- mostly clothes shopping. Autumn has arrived here in the Mojave, bringing our daytime temperatures into the 70s and our nighttime temperatures into the high 40s. I’m scrambling to find warmer clothes in the right sizes for everyone.
I went into a Deseret Industries thrift store hoping to find a jacket for Samantha (#3), but didn’t have any luck. She’ll have to keep wearing lighter jackets until something turns up. I am absolutely not willing to spend $30 on a jacket she’ll only wear for one season!
My hunt for jackets was a bust, but the trip to the store wasn’t! I found leather dress shoes for $2 for one of the boys, and this gem for myself:


It’s an ankle-length wool skirt in dark gray. It’s Eddie Bauer brand, and was only $5! I’m a happy girl. I also found a long-sleeved pink top to go with the skirt.

Next was a trip to the $0.99 store. There, I found socks for one of the girls (3 pairs/ $1), sunglasses, deodorant, and a lidded water cup to replace a cracked one at home.


A good haul, if I do say so myself. And my grand total for both stores was only $17 – less than the price of JUST the shoes if they were new.



How to buy a baby’s wardrobe for $13


Suddenly, #4 has found himself with nothing to wear. #1 wore this size of clothing during the winter, and I can’t dress the poor baby in hand-me-down sweaters and sleepers when it’s 110 degrees!

Another difficulty I’ve been having relates to cloth diapering. The cloth is SO much more bulky than disposables, so most one-piece outfits generally don’t fit well unless they’re a size larger.

My mother and I decided to make a trip to her friendly neighborhood thrift store, which happens to be Deseret Industries. Most of their baby items look brand-new and are $1 each!

Here’s the rundown of our finds:
3 pairs of shorts
3 t-shirts
3 polo shirts
2 one-piece outfits
1 onesie

All pieces are either 6-9 or 12 month size. He’s only 4 months old, but he’s a big boy! 17 pounds and counting…

This is a pretty complete wardrobe for #4 since I do laundry every day. Also, when we’re at home he generally doesn’t wear shorts or pants over his diapers. It makes diaper changes easier for me!

Here are some tips for buying kids’ clothes:
1. Buy used! Most items in a second-hand shop are only gently used. You save a lot, so you can get more items for the same amount of money.

2. For babies, look for one-piece outfits. You have fewer items to buy this way.

3. Look for good brands at thrift stores! You can get durable department store items for cheaper than something from a big box store. Finding quality items means that you don’t have to re-buy later!

If you have any tips on how to clothe kids for less, please share them in the comments!